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Image: Natasha Trotman

Tangible Statistics Linguistics

Natasha Trotman

Tangible Statistics Linguistics highlights agency, empathy and awareness with neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals as well as neurodiverse communities. This is undertaken through spatial awareness and haptic elements.

I’m interested in exploring the voices within quantitative and qualitative data, creating work through the use of physical interactions via investigative play. Coming from a graphic design and computer science background, I use an agile approach, with an emphasis on research and testing.

The motivation and driving purpose of my projects is the creation of something which can be appreciated by all, irrespective of abilities or perspectives; it is a catalyst for starting new discussions regarding innate neuro-divergence and the possible approaches to creating a new paradigm. Through the use of methods and outputs that are engaging and helpful, thereby creating new experiences. This approach is not just an ‘aim at today’ but is intended to also make us consider future approaches to what can be considered a newly emerging area.

Much of my work exists in multi-modal formats, to explore and create various ways to encourage alternative ways of thinking about dyspraxia, with experiences to facilitate and initiate new conversations- using various factors and mutli-modal textures.

The Tune in Tune out is a toolkit born out of the Tangible Linguistics Statistics umbrella project. The toolkit described in the simplest way is a provocation, an experience intervention; the objects and exercises are intended to foster empathy, agency and awareness concerning dyspraxia and innate neurodivergence using physical interactions and investigative play.The objects that form a part of the toolkit are an amalgam of the most successful aspects of projects under the Tangible Statistic Linguistics umbrella, these objects are also accompanied by session plans and exercises for each object (Dyspraxic Jewellery, Transmitter, tuning forks and radio).

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Image: Natasha Trotman